Severe rat infestation...Nick arrived, put our fears to rest, explained everything fully, matter of days all sorted, and so friendly with it!

​ RR, Cornwall




Moles destroying my precious lawn...The man arrived, set his traps, as he was explaining the procedure a trap went off! Caught a mole in less than 5 minutes! Beat that!

​ TU, Cornwall

Purchased run down farm, heavily rat infested, had 2 contractors try to sort it and failed. Nick arrived, visited every day until problem solved, and still beat the price of the previous contractors, not had a problem since. Can highly recommend this man.

​ EM, Devon




Run a holiday establishment, had serious rat issues, wasps, feral bees, cluster fies, and mice!
Nick sorted them swiftly, contract in place, no problems now.

IG Cornwall