Why spend hundreds, if not thousands, on big name companies to eradicate your pests?? A local business such as ours, knows the area, is fully qualified and equipped (and enhanced DBS checked for your peace of mind) and is also  known by name for miles around! You cannot go wrong!


If you run a business you can have the benefit of a pest control contract. Acknowledged by Councils, HSE and other Government bodies. A pest control contract proves you are doing your bit! Recognised as a guarantee that you are doing your best to protect your customers and your business too of course! See Contracts explained below for an overview.


Ignorance is not bliss! It is VERY expensive! If you run a food business and you have a pest problem, you will receive a visit from the Councils Food Team. If the problem is serious, you will be shut down! Why risk your livelihood? Contact me now for a cost effective pest control solution.


Proof your building against the ingress of pests. Fly screens, Fly killing systems supplied and serviced, all pest proofing systems explained and fitted at the absolute minimum cost!

Get the quote from your chosen pest contractor .....Then contact me!


Ah! Advice, your friends/neighbours/family can give you all the advice that you want regarding your pests!

Wasps! Pour petrol down the hole! Under no circumstances should you do this! PETROL IS A VERY VOLATILE SUBSTANCE! Only put it in your car or lawnmower! Phone us for all the advice you will ever need...and FREE!


It is almost impossible to give an exact figure when dealing with pests, each job has its distinct   characteristics. Various factors exist. For instance: Distance, access difficulty, extent of infestation etc. So here are some approximate costs.

Rats £60, Mice £60, Fleas £95, Cluster Flies £85, Wasps £40, Carpet Moth £75, Ants £60, Moles £65. all above prices are for basic infestations in domestic situations, and are a rough guide only. NB. Some jobs can start from as little as £45.. 

Insurance Etc.

Commercial Contracts vary for a number of reasons; Type of business, location, type of pest,

cleanliness, and a host of other factors. I provide contracts for a wide range of businesses, my customers include: Councils, Farms, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Shops, Public Houses, Holiday Complexes etc. Contracts can be 3,6,9 or 12 months in duration. Fly killing devices serviced and installed. Contact me now for a free no obligation quotation.

Other Services  Kilex Environmental Services provide include:



EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTY CLEARANCE (Filthy & Verminous properties a speciality!) Nothing  has put us off yet, and we have done clearances that other companies have refused to do!

Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Fully Qualified in all matters pest related.


Enhanced DBS Checked


Public Liability Insurance

(Standard £2 Million but can be increased in individual circumstances)


30 Years Experience in all fields