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  No matter what type of pest is causing you concern, a fully trained, enhanced DBS checked technician will be able to sort it and put your mind at rest. Prices start from only £45.00, YES £45 such as a wasp nest within a 5 mile radius. A Flea, Cluster Fly, Cockroach, Bed Bug, serious rat or mouse infestation etc will cost a bit more. Just give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised! DON'T CALL US FIRST, CALL US LAST! You'll be glad you did!


Rats cause significant damage to your property, including gnawing holes through plastic water pipes, electric cables, and anything they can get their teeth into!



Wasps! A friend to the gardener all through the season......Until the young queens leave the nest, then the remaining workers develop the sweet tooth and make everyones life unbearable!


Moles, although a cute creature, they can wreak havoc Ruining your lawn, killing your vegetables and flowers by destroying their root systems! Easily controlled by the old fashioned trapping methods.NO Chemicals!

Mice! They get everywhere! Don't  put up with them a minute longer! Easily controlled within a matter of days! Call now for a surefire result!




Until you experience your first Cluster Fly invasion, you might not even know they exist....But when they pay you a visit, you will never forget them!

We all know and love (?) the ant, until it enters your home...Then it is an entirely different matter, they will also give you a nasty nip! And from then on, they are Public Enemy No 1

Whether you have Carpet Moth, Clothes Moth, Carpet Beetle. You will certainly know the signs, holes/ bare patches in carpets (woolen) clothes damage, moths flying around etc. Easy to eradicate. Pick up the phone!

No matter what your pest problem, we have the solution! Domestic, Commercial we can tailor a package for you. One off visit or contract, you will not find a better offer!

I was emigrating to Australia, container booked, all set for the off then.... DISASTER! ...WOODWORM discovered in the attic! Potential purchaser hesitant! Estate Agent Quivering!  Surveyor tapping his calculator.....Called Nick, here within 17 minutes!!! Treated loft space, 2 hours later problem sorted!Potential buyer very happy, bought property without hesitation, SORTED! AND a 15 year Guarantee! All for less than £ 300..


F B Cornwall

I was infested with Cluster Flies, Mice AND Wasps!
One call to Nick and he was here within the hour and he worked his magic! Within hours we were pest free! I cannot thank him enough for his wizardry! I could not believe how efficient and diligent he was in sorting our problem, and so friendly, within minutes he was almost family! 

​RJW Cornwall.